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Pacific Northwest Wellness Center, PLLC.

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Primary Care & Membership Services

PNWC Wellness Services

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We deliver a consistent and superior patient experience that begins when patients walk in the door. We not only listen; we understand where you’re coming from. Regardless of where you are in your healthcare journey, our team meets you where you are.

Primary Care

Childhood is a period of growth and development and it’s important that you schedule exams on a regular basis to make sure they’re developing and thriving. PNWC Pediatric Physician is trained to diagnose and treat your child’s unique health issues and is passionate about keeping children on the path to good health

Pediatric Care

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)

As the body ages, it reduces the production of hormones that help the body function in the way it was meant to. Our Hormone Replacement Therapy Optimizes hormone balance which reduces illness and diseases and supports quality of life.


PNWC offers telehealth – the use of technology to deliver quality medical attention for non-emergency situations – as one of the many ways to access our healthcare services. With telehealth appointments, you can save time and enjoy the convenience of interacting with our compassionate providers through a video visit or phone call.


IV Nutritional Therapy

IV nutritional therapy, IV therapy or IV nutrient therapy is a type of therapy commonly used for its wide range of health benefits, which can include anti-aging, improved immune system minimized anxiety, reversed symptoms of hangovers and more.

Working with a nutritionist, you’ll discover practical and enjoyable ways of eating delicious and nourishing foods. Your nutritionist can adjust your diet or any supplements you may be taking as you progress toward your health goals.

Nutritional /



Access to affordable prescription medications plays a vital role in your health and wellbeing. PNWC pharmacy provides reliable prescription services in a friendly, welcoming environment. We offer generic brands for most medications to help keep our members’ costs low.



Get more personalized care with specialty lab testing.

At PNWC, we utilize multiple types of labs to develop a personalized plan of care for you. Most of these lab tests are done by getting blood taken in our clinic.

Lab Testing

The Multifunction cardiogram scans identifies coronary artery disease with the highest accuracy available. Cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death worldwide, but it can be reversed if identified early. Sadly, the first sign of CVD for most patients is a heart attack. In less than 15 minutes, MCG technology can detect the early warning signs of disease and define a clear path for reversal.



Thermal Imaging creates images that illustrate heat patterns in the body. The thermal images are analyzed for abnormalities which may be signs of disease in the body.

Infrared thermography may be a good option if you identify with any of the following:

  • Pre-menopause

  • Dense breasts, large or small breasts

  • Breast implants

  • Pregnant or nursing

  • Hormone replacement therapy

  • Fibrocystic disease

  • History of biopsies



Cold laser /photo biomodulation is a light therapy using lasers or LEDs to improve tissue repair, reduce pain and inflammation wherever the beam is applied. Usually applied by a Medical Assistant, therapist or technician, treatments take about 10-15 minutes and should be applied two or more times a week.

Cold Laser / 



Thera light 360 is a full-body light therapy system that has been clinically proven to relieve pain and reduce inflammation quickly, safely and effectively. It has also been shown to improve sleeping habits, increase energy, and improve mental acuity.  Other benefits of Theralight 360 include:

Improves muscle performance & recovery.

Supports optimal immune function.

Reduces pain & inflammation.

Increases blood circulation.

Relieves joint pain & stiffness.

Red Light

Bed Therapy

As a private care practice we take pride in putting our members first and giving them the best and more personalized treatment possible. Experience the PNWC difference today. 

Top Notch


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